CORETX announces new ExpressRoute service for Microsoft Azure

CORETX Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute allows users to create private connections between the Microsoft Azure cloud and infrastructure on their own premises or in a colocation environment.

ExpressRoute connections don’t go over the public internet, instead allowing users to extend their existing networks directly into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection. This offers more reliability, resiliency and predictable performance than typical internet connections. Another key benefit to the service is the built-in redundancy delivered with every connection to the service as CORETX maintain multiple interconnects with Microsoft Azure.

For many users, using ExpressRoute can yield significant cost benefits as data transfer rates are much lower over ExpressRoute connections when compared with public Internet circuits. Additionally, with ExpressRoute, users can establish connections to a multitude of cloud services within Azure.

CORETX operates the best connected Data Centre network in the UK and the Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute now allows users to connect directly and securely to Azure, from all On-Net locations.

CORETX maintain secure interconnects with all of the leading national and international connectivity providers, allowing the extension of the core network directly to business premises wherever they are located across the UK. This powerful solution enables businesses to benefit from Azure ExpressRoute connections over totally private connections, directly from their existing premise.