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Day Lewis Pharmacy save time and money with complete IT refresh

Day Lewis Pharmacy is a nationwide retail pharmaceutical company, serving thousands of patients. With over 1600 employees at 250 locations throughout the UK. It is vital for them to have reliable IT systems, 100% uptime and a rapid response guarantee from close at hand, skilled engineers when things go wrong.


When Day Lewis first partnered with CORETX, they had a small team of six IT support staff to maintain over 900 desktop and mobile devices, many of which had been inherited through acquisition and ran conflicting software on several different platforms. Onsite support was via local providers, on a best endeavours basis, and consistency varied greatly. The chance of a business critical failure, or any significant downtime - particularly in a rigorous NHS environment - had to be removed. The IT support team were confronted with the challenge of managing, tracking and auditing work group machines in each store. With new updates being made on a bi-weekly basis, the task of installing these using manual remote control methods was proving very time consuming.
At the head office data centre (DC), Day Lewis also needed a more resilient server and storage infrastructure to allow consolidation of older workloads, improved speed and better data recovery features, plus new LAN and security estate, fit for today’s complex needs.


Both Day Lewis and CORETX identified field support services as a crucial first step in creating more agile and nimble IT services.
With 2000 machines not all in an active directory, CORETX introduced their System Automated Management (SAM) software toolset. SAM manages software and policy updates, software packaging and remote control, plus backup of critical patient data back to head office. The use of CORETX’s nationwide field engineers also improved emergency services including reduced site response times from hours to days, and planned engineering services provided a complete upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 across all 2000 workstations.
At the data centre, CORETX’s Professional Services consultants advised and implemented a new highly resilient virtual infrastructure, underpinned by cutting edge hybrid flash storage and 10Gb switch core, upgraded LAN and Security, all based on best of breed vendors. This provided site level resilience for the corporate data, underpinned by CORETX’s cloud based Disaster Recovery service, protecting the company’s systems from failure and providing 100% service availability.


Day Lewis now have a proper escalation route, to skills and resources that would be cost prohibitive to employ directly. . There is confidence that all business systems are fully replicated at two state-of-the-art data centres under first-class management. CORETX provides remote and onsite support to the IT team enabling greater flexibility that the internal team can focus on supporting the users and the strategic needs of the business.
CORETX’s System Management Service enables Day Lewis Pharmacy to not only save time and money, but also to use the assigned capex budget for the Active Directory roll-out project, to undertake a complete desktop refresh. As result profits are up and Day Lewis continues to expand in a very competitive marketplace.


  • Peace of mind with back-up as a service (BaaS)
  •  Increased efficiency and consistency across disparate sites
  •  24/7 engineer support
  •  Complete desktop upgrade

"The whole aim of finding a trusted partner like CORETX, was to mitigate against disaster and make sure there were never any periods of downtime. We now have near enough 100% uptime and much more confidence in our procedures to escalate and troubleshoot. If it means we need engineers on site at short notice on a Friday night, we know we’ll get them."


Colin Kendrick - Head of IT

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