CORETX connects WDS a Xerox company to secure hosting and International offices

WDS work with clients to build more effective customer service strategies; empowering customer service channels with the knowledge and tools they need to protect profitability and preserve loyalty as they help customers to buy, use and maintain their products and services. WDS achieve this through the use of technology, services and consultancy.

WDS connect their HQ via CORETX Leased Lines to CORETX’s Bournemouth Data Centre (DC) where they take a significant number of high capacity Colocation racks. Direct connectivity to CORETX’s Bournemouth DC, also gives them connectivity to London and the scope of CORETX’s core network, where WDS connect into International carriers.

Consulting the challenge

WDS had a long term plan to move out of the address in which their computer room was located, and the initial process of choosing their data centre provider took approximately six months. They looked at other, larger providers, but the requirement was not about rack space alone. The requirement was for a supplier that could handle data and telephony connectivity, manage the relationship with the end-providers of services such as BT, as well as provide virtualisation and storage.

On consulting with WDS, CORETX designed a bespoke solution. Addressing the key requirements, CORETX provided colocation services, which meant WDS were able to virtualise their infrastructure, refreshing their technology directly into the new CORETX racks. Due to the scope of CORETX services, CORETX were able to enhance WDS’s network out to other offices and onwards to International carriers via a secondary site in Telecity London – a key PoP on CORETX’s core network.

Connectivity and hosting is mission critical to the delivery of services for WDS. The foundation of their infrastructure was a Cisco Unified Computing System (Flexpod) configured in a highly resilient manner, however without redundant power and data connectivity, this resiliency was wasted. 

Despite the proximity of CORETX being closer to our business than the other providers, this wasn’t a factor in choosing them as the provider. Their global network reach and the fact that we knew we would have peace of mind with regards to the level of support, made the decision to choose CORETX an easy one. 

Colocation, connectivity and virtualised hosting solution

With the initial requirement to move their computer room from their offices into the DC, CORETX provided them with 1Gb data links from their Colocation racks at the DC to their offices, enabling WDS to migrate their data across and also to give them access to CORETX’s high bandwidth internet connectivity.

Due in part to CORETX’s Bournemouth Data Centre proximity to WDS’s headquarters and CORETX’s vendor agnostic approach to Leased Line
connectivity, CORETX were able to provide the most cost effective and resilient solution, ultimately providing a multi- vendor, triangulated topology between the Data Centre and WDS’s key offices.

Alongside colocation and hosting of their data centre equipment, CORETX provided a range of services including global and local circuit connectivity and also virtualised hosting. CORETX’s reach has enabled WDS to network with all their global offices quickly as well as take advantage of point-to-point circuits between offices giving them much higher bandwidth at a lower cost than traditional MPLS.

Continual specialist support

Since being a customer of CORETX, WDS has gone through a transformation with regards to technology and organisation, especially since their acquisition by Xerox. The impact of losing services goes beyond the credibility of the IT department or the chosen supplier as it also impacts the brand. They work with large global technology brands so it is important to ensure that their brand is consistently painted in the best possible light. WDS customer service is 24/7, therefore the high calibre of CORETX’s technology is a must-have for their reputation.

CORETX have been a great supplier and as I see it, they are an extension of my IT department. They’re extremely pro-active, can match our pace and understand our priorities. 

In terms of business functionality, Colocating with CORETX has enabled WDS to concentrate on what is core to the delivery of IT to the business and relinquish the management of air conditioning, power supply etc to the experts within the data centre which is a dedicated purpose built space for resilient IT. With CORETX’s use of cold aisle air conditioning, WDS have managed to take advantage of energy efficiency without the investment themselves. Colocation has also made opening or moving new offices a lot easier as they no longer have to move the IT infrastructure which would impact both their customers and the internal IT service of the business.

CORETX have always delivered what we want, when we want it. They’re really flexible, especially when being in the middle between end user customer and the various technology providers that we’ve been required to work with.

Now, as an existing customer of 4 years who has confidence in the process and benefits, WDS are looking at Cloud Hybridisation and simplifying the lines between their cloud based and physically hosted solutions. This will give WDS even greater ability and control in servicing their customers and making Disaster Recovery and business continuity that much easier.

I would strongly recommend CORETX to other businesses. As I see it they are vital to the success of our IT department and it’s clear that there is an excellent working relationship between technicians on both sides. CORETX provide core data centre infrastructure expertise, can work at pace and enable global network
connectivity quickly and ensure that communication is always at the right level to give peace of mind. 


  • Consultation services to create bespoke solutions
  • Flexibility of future colocation locations
  • 24x7 Technical support
  • Reliability of service
  • Enhanced data security
  • Secure direct connectivity

"The CORETX support team have been invaluable with their knowledge, patience and persistence. A recent project has included working with a US based 3rd party which has required working late into the evening at no trouble to CORETX - however, the great service from CORETX extends beyond one project; the exceptional service when migrating our servers into the Bournemouth data centre went above and beyond. As a supplier, CORETX are an extension of my department and their reliability and trustworthiness compliments the fantastic benefits we are receiving from relocation."


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