Indigo use CORETX colocation & connectivity to free school from old legacy grid to safe and reliable ‘Secure Connect’ managed service

With increasing reliance on the Internet to access learning resources, Queen Elizabeth’s School selected Indigo’s Secure Connect to replace its legacy grid for learning connection.


The consistency and reliability achieved by the new connection means that the staff can deliver lessons to plan each and every time. The School now enjoys safe and secure access to resources which are becoming increasingly important in delivering an engaging modern curriculum.

An increasing number of lesson plans rely upon Internet resources. The legacy grid for learning connection was not consistent. Content accessible one day could be inaccessible the next. The new connection needed to be consistent.


The School selected Indigo’s Secure Connect and chose to connect via Indigo’s racks in CORETX’s datacentre for backup and disaster recovery and to act as a technology hub for a federation of schools.

The solution included consultancy to optimize the network infrastructure and to reconfigure and move existing Lync, Exchange and Citrix services to the new connection.


Historically, the Internet was used as an online encyclopedia and rarely inside of the classroom. Fast-forward and today the Internet is now an essential part of learning in the classroom. Using the legacy grid for learning was proving increasingly frustrating; resources which were available one day could not be guaranteed to be available the next. Having to find alternatives at a moment’s notice was putting pressure on the teaching staff and the lack of consistency was having a negative impact on attention and learning in the classroom.

The solution performs well, Indigo’s customer service is excellent but above everything else, it just works.

The School is now using the Internet to innovate; the Mathematics Faculty created an online community which led to increased participation and improved results. Chris Denton, Head of Mathematics, comments:

Pupils need access to our online community sites and intranet inside and outside of school. Pupils would soon lose interest if it was unreliable, so reliability is paramount.

Queen Elizabeth’s School provides education to approximately 1,500 pupils from Wimborne Minster and the surrounding area. ICT forms an essential part of learning. ICT must be available during lessons and also outside of school hours to support pupils continuing their studies at home.


  • 100 Mbps fibre leased line
  • Colocation and server hosting
  • EAL4 certified managed firewalls
  • CORETX’s Internet transit
  • domain hosting DNS hosting
  • Firewall management Network consultancy
  • Lync and Exchange consultancy

"We are thrilled to join the CORETX Partner Network; with CORETX's Colocation and Connectivity we have a secure and reliable foundation for Indigo's Cloud. Using a range of well-connected data centres means that we have locality, availability and carrier-grade connectivity built into our solutions. Recent change in both the NHS and education marketplaces has seen a significant uptake in Indigo's Cloud and Communications services with the local data centre giving our customers the confidence they need to start their journey to the Cloud. We look forward to a successful future with CORETX."

Martin Saunders -


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