CORETX IX Connect enables you to peer directly with the key Internet Exchange locations both in the UK and overseas, directly from your equipment location

Internet Exchange, (IX), Connect enables businesses, Carriers, ISPs and Content Providers to realise the full potential of the CORETX network, by connecting directly to the leading Internet Exchanges, no matter where there equipment is physically located.

This can be thought of in terms of using CORETX to deliver a 'very long cable' between your equipment located in a specific data centre, and connecting this directly with the Internet Exchange. This provides you with all the benefits that you would gain if you were colocated in the same data centre as the Exchange.

You are charged for a direct connection to the IX, as if you were in the same building, with no fees for the remote network link to your specific data centre. Our network provides On-Net connectivity in LINX, LONAP, IX Manchester and AMS-IX, with additional On-Net locations coming on stream all the time. Through partner network connections IX Connect opens up remote peering capability with Internet Exchanges around the world.

Connecting to CORETX network with a single port, provides access to a wide range of Internet Exchange partners, providing immediate network expansion and capability. You no longer need to be physically located in the same building as an Exchange, CORETX provides the membership and the connection to the IX and extends this capability transparently over the network, straight back to your port.

Features & Benefits
  • High Speed
  • Available on 100Mbps, 1Gbps and up to 10Gbps (larger access available on request)
  • No excess network charges
  • For links of 1Gbps or less
  • No charge for remote DC port
  • IX connection fees only
  • No PoP Required
  • No need to build a PoP or deploy equipment in the IX colocation facility, IX Connect essentially provides a 'long line' to the IX
  • International IX
  • Connectivity to any National or International IX available on request
  • Multiple CDR
  • IX Connect supports the ability to spread your CDR across multiple locations
  • Local Identity
  • Your identity or ASN presented at the IX as if you were located on site
  • Low latency connections
  • Dual fibre routing resilience. Ultra-low latency routes on request
Why choose IX Connect

IX Connect is available at all on-net DC/PoPs on our network, this includes over 50 sites in the UK, with this number growing month on month, customers have the ability to reach over 100 DCs in the UK through partner network connections and extend directly to 1000s business premises.