The Challenge

For some scenarios and markets the very lowest latency routes can be absolutely critical, for example FX trading platforms and financial transaction based markets must match or beat the competition by fractions of a second in order to secure the best margins. Traditional networks with multiple PoPs lack the control necessary to deliver the ultra low latency performance that is demanded, it is a highly skilled and specialist area.

Our Solution

Our high performance network is designed to be LOW latency across the entire footprint, this is especially beneficial where a client wishes to connect multiple locations in an efficient manner.

The performance matches and exceeds what is common in the market place and is highly suitable for most products and services. There are of course specific scenarios where ULTRA-low latency is required, CORETX can also assist, but the delivery of this is non standard and a specific service which must be designed and monitored in order to deliver effectively. We are able to provide Ultra Low Latency service on specific high profile routes where we can deliver direct, uninterrupted point to point connectivity which yields the response times required.

These services are generally provided on a non-Ethernet layer over links where the shortest direct path currently possible between 2 locations is deployed. This is a dedicated and premium service which carries a significant performance and financial premium to deliver. CORETX can offer businesses a choice of short haul and long haul ultra-low latency circuits, the focus of which is around the major financial markets and trading centres, with London at the centre of our own network.

CORETX has access to the entire connectivity market place and works with other providers to deliver international circuits with the lowest possible latency, this allows us to deliver a hybrid solution with performance where it is required, and cost effective reliability where this is more appropriate.