CORETX SP Connect enables you to peer directly with Service Providers and Carriers located in remote data centres, directly from your equipment location, 100s of providers are accessible. This allows you to realise the full potential of our network, by connecting directly to Service Providers in any location, no matter where their equipment is physically located.

SP Connect can be thought of in terms of using the CORETX network to deliver a ‘very long cable' between your equipment located in a specific data centre, and connecting this with a service provider in another location. This provides you with all the benefits that you would gain if you were colocated in the same data centre as the provider.

There are many different service providers available, including:

  • Data Centre partners
  • Carrier partners
  • Cloud & Hosting Platform partners
  • Telecommunications partners
  • Most competitive connectivity and colocation pricing in the UK
  • New PoP's added 50% faster than the competition
  • UK's largest choice of carriers and service providers
  • Direct access to nearly all Tier 1 Internet providers
  • Interconnects available on demand from 100Mb to 10Gb+
  • Full range of IP Transit solutions including DDoS Protected Transit

By removing the need to physically deploy equipment in the location of a Service Provider CORETX removes commercial barriers and opens up a huge opportunity. There are a very large number of partners available, this list is increasing on an almost daily basis, if a provider you require peering with is not listed, please get in touch with our sales team directly, as they may already be connected to the network. The datasheet available through the resources section below provides some example partner connections including Amazon Web Services, AWS and Equinix IBX, Carrier and Service Provider Platform.

  • Direct Access
  • Directly access more than 1000 Service Providers and Carriers
  • Location Flexibility
  • No need to be physically located in the same building as a Service Provider, SP Connect essentially provides a 'long line' to the Service Provider Interconnection point
  • High Speed
  • Available on 100Mbps, 1Gbps and up to 10Gbps (larger access available on request)
  • Low latency connections
  • With dual fibre ring routing resilience
  • Ultra-Low latency
  • Routes available on request in certain DC locations
  • Maximum SP Availability
  • All Service Providers available to ALL on-net locations
  • Multiple CDR
  • SP Connect supports the ability to spread your CDR across multiple locations
  • Local Identity
  • Your identity is presented to the SP as if you were located on site
Why choose CORETX: SP Connect

SP Connect is available at all On-Net DC/PoPs on our network, this includes over 60 sites in the UK, with this number growing month on month, customers have the ability to reach over 100 DCs in the UK through partner network connections and extend directly to 1000s business premises.