The Challenge

Traditionally connectivity services within data centre environments have two major challenges which make them highly inflexible for certain applications. Firstly they can often take many weeks to deploy, so for short term or immediate requirements they are simply not suitable. Secondly and perhaps more significantly it is very common for carriers to lock the customer into very long 3 or even 5 year commitments for the service, making them cost prohibitive for short term use.

Our Solution

CORETX data centre interconnects are highly flexible from both a service and contractual perspective, this is because we own and operate all parts of the service, allowing us to offer very short term commitments which have traditionally not been available in the data centre market.

With customers able to deploy CORETX DC Connect circuits on a very short term commitment it is possible for them to more cost effectively plan and vary the service to support predictable but variable needs. For example where an online company expects significantly increased seasonal demand or a sports media company is running an exceptional event, our short term contracts can allow this variation, without the penalty of locking in to a 12/24 month contract.

Short-term commitments can be as short as a week or a month and we also allow rolling contracts in the event that demand continues for longer than expected. Customers will purchase a port on the network and can then vary the services and capacity of each of them simply by contacting their account manager, this avoiding punitive contracts and potentially heavy burst fees.

Data Centre Migration

Another excellent application of a short-term contract is to provide temporary connectivity between data centres to aid customer migrations.

After the physical data centre move itself has been completed, the second most difficult item is moving networks and IPs. Many providers are typically not willing to provide short term agreements, but coreTX DC Connect can offer short periods of 1 or 2 months during data centre migrations.

Customers will pay a slight premium for this service based on month for month comparison, but, not having to commit to 12/24 months means that the savings to be had are significant in terms of TCO.